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Sunrise on the Isle of Man at Derby Haven

115Km Race

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SKUK Explorer series ‘Round the Isle of Man Kayak Race

Circumnavigate the Island in a touring class sea kayak, retaining the ethos of self-reliance for the 63 nautical mile journey.

Present Record Holder – Kim Tastagh with 13 hours 7 minutes on 10th July 2013

Kim was aged 18 when he took this title from the previous holder, also making him the youngest person to complete the challenge!

Previous times

George Shaw – 13hrs 33 minutes on 27th March 2012, SKUK Explorer

Freya Hoffmeister – 14 hours and 7 minutes during IoM Adventure Week 2006, SKUK Explorer

Joe Leach – 20 hours, SKUK Explorer


Fast Touring Class (and overall fastest time)

Present Record Holder – John Willacy – 10 hours, 33 minutes, 32 seconds on 24th August 2016, Rockpool Taran.

Previous times

George Shaw – 11 hours, 43 minutes on 15th July 2013, SKUK Cadence

John Willacy – 12 hours, 36 minutes, 32 seconds on 12th July 2010, Rockpool Taran.


For entrants who do not have the requisite craft to suit either the ‘fast touring’ or ‘touring’ classes, arrangements can be made to use one for a small donation to the RNLI.

We are awaiting the inaugural ‘Mighty Triton’ double kayak category.


The circumnavigation, if following the coastline (in and out of the bays) is typically 85 land miles around. This can be quite enjoyable spread over 4 days, camping, exploring the coves and caves…