Established Est. 2004

Lucky encounter with a basking shark from a Triton tandem sea kayak, Isle of Man

About Us

Adventurous Experiences operates all year round.
April - September: scheduled experiences and group bookings

October - March: we prioritise our skills development programs
Minimum group of four people guarantees we will consider opening a session for you, if we can.

Our Mission: 'within this spectacular playground, we promote and facilitate real, sustainable adventurous experiences, predominantly on the Isle of Man; maintaining our high standards of safety, fun and learning. We encourage and provide continuous coach training and development; ensuring our coaches are well qualified and motivated, enabling them to give the best possible customer focused experience'.

The Team


Through shared experiences, journeying and progression, we promote discovery and self-reliance. Challenge is part of the learning process. By providing an environment where you can learn to utilise risks responsibly, by showing a pathway to achieving your own goals, and by progressively handing over responsibility to you for your own learning, opportunity for development is maximised.

Risk Benefit Analysis
An analysis is a practical assessment of the benefits and the risks of the activity with a focus on hazards with the potential to cause real harm. It is not about creating a risk-free society, but about ensuring that reasonable precautions are taken to avoid injury.

Every time we take a step, we risk a fall. Challenge is positive, and essential to people development. Risk can be balanced by benefits.

Safety is an attitude.

Man on pinnacle of rock with clouds behind

Your Safety

Our Coaching Team & CPD
Professional adventure sports coaches, who continuously lead, coach and train to improve.

Adventurous Experiences’s coaches are highly trained, motivated and qualified to run the activities we offer. All coaches hold national governing body coaching awards, complete ongoing skills development and risk utilisation training, have the full support of Adventurous Experiences and have the customer as their primary focus.

Coaching team at Adventurous Experiences, led by Keirron Tastagh

Youth Scholarship

Our Award Winning – Youth Development and Leadership training program, provides long-term adventure training and scholarships for young students from the island. This enables them to rise to be part of a team embarking on a once in a lifetime, shared experience.

A focal point of our long-term strategy is a major ongoing community project to raise the level of outdoor skills and safety in the Isle of Man. Elements of this are introduced and practiced through this program, which is delivered and funded by Adventurous Experiences.

Risk utilisation education is inherent in how we run our programs.

Youth Scholarship silhouette group jump in air


Keirron Tastagh founded Adventurous Experiences in 2004 to realise a long term dream of creating a business which involved his love of the outdoors and his passion for his home and place of birth, the Isle of Man.

The specialist sea kayak training centre had two student kayaks, and Keirron’s own ‘NDK Explorer’ kayak, paddled (solo) the 52 nautical miles home from Anglesey, the previous Summer. Keirron’s aim was to provide accessibly sessions for those who wanted real adventure.

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Keirron also developed spectacular coasteering routes on the island, establishing another sustainable high quality activity for those visiting and living on the Isle of Man.

Adventurous Experiences is now an established adventure sports centre offering sea kayaking, coasteering, gorge scrambling, team building and family friendly experiences. We welcome individuals, families and groups, birthdays, hen/stag parties, corporate events and friends & colleagues.

The company has retained a loyal team, and a robust and highly forward thinking risk benefit approach that is inherently people-centred.

sea kayaker on horizon at sunset, Isle of Man

Hall of Fame

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A measure of participants preparation, commitment to training and team achievement:
wilderness expeditions to Vancouver Island, Ontario, Norway, Aleutian Islands… since 2002.

Utilising real risk, accomplishing real reward.

Evening Fishing in the Norweigen Fjords produces supper, Norway 2003 Youth Scholarship Expedition