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Kayaking home... from Wales!

Keirron's first open crossing... 52 nautical miles on August 30th 2001 (aged 22).

"I'm surprised your not paddling over to the Isle of Man" said Nigel.
Nigel Dennis and Keirron were stood outside the ASSC centre, in hot sunshine and not a breath of wind. A smile played on Nigel's face. "I'm going tomorrow" came the reply...

Setting off from Porth Dafarch on Holy Island at 3am in the misty morning, accompanied by his paddling friend Nico Middlekoop (for the 'first hour'), Keirron had plenty of time for reflection.

Several hours later, the pair paused for the hourly break... it was time.

Keirron and Nico shook hands in the middle of the Irish Sea (a surreal experience) and Nico returned to Anglesey to catch his immanent scheduled ferry. Keirron continued solo as originally planned to the Isle of Man, arriving on Port St Mary slipway at 5pm.

Keirron Tastagh Kayaking home from Wales in Aug 2001

View from a Kayak

'Isle of Man Courier' - 8th May 2003.

Article promoting the inaugural Isle of Man Sea Kayak Symposium (during TT Week) prior to launching the 'Adventurous Experiences' business the following April.

The kayak festival became an annual event, supported by Sea Kayaking UK & IoM Steam Packet Co..

View from a kayak! IoM Courier 8th May '03 advertising the inaugural Isle of Man Sea Kayak Symposium

Norway 2003 Expedition

The inaugural Youth Scholarship expedition led by Keirron Tastagh.

The team, all from the Isle of Man, had met the previous summer in Vancouver Island.
This adventure took them down Norway's longest fjord, up the country's highest mountains and across the Folgefonn Glacier.

Sea kayaking for 13 hours a day, covering a total of 200km on the Sognefjorden, carrying all supplies with them. And that was just the first stage!

Norway-2003-Inaugral-Youth-Scholarship-Expedition-led by Keirron Tastagh

Vancouver Is. Record 2007

Record Circumnavigation of Vancouver Island in May 2007.

700 nautical miles in 19 and a half days, in a bright pink tandem kayak for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The kayakers Keirron Tastagh and Jeff Norville had never met before embarking on their self-sufficient epic paddle!

Ahead of previous times (26 days for a tandem and 28 days for a solo kayak), and enjoying breath-taking wildlife along the way, the pair also raised over £1000 for charity.

Interview with CH TV in Victoria.

Keirron Tastagh - Pink Kayaker, Vancouver Island 2007 Record Circumnavigation

BBC Go North West Tonight

Follow a group of adventure seekers led by Keirron Tastagh, broadcast in 2007.

As they explore the stunning Isle of Man coastline through sea kayaking and coasteering, the documentary includes the thoughts of those taking part.

A dynamic environment, a fun group of people, and a really enjoyable day!

BBC Go Northwest Tonight - with Keirron Tastagh

'Isle of Keirron' TV Advert

A 60 second commercial commissioned by Isle of Man Dept Tourism and Leisure, portraying 'Island Lives'.

Filmed by Henry Braham (Waking Ned) in September 2008, and released in UK cinemas as a trailer to James Bond 'Quantum of Solace'. Broadcast on mainstream TV through Christmas 2008 and throughout 2009, combined with billboard advertising at railway stations, and other locations.

The commercial, following the adventures of Keirron Tastagh, stimulated national media interest and controversy.
It was shortlisted in the prestigious 2009 Travel Marketing Awards.

Filming 'Island Lives' with Director of Photography Henry Braham

Isle of Man Stamps

Keirron Tastagh featured on two Isle of Man stamps, released in January 2010.

Part of a special set, celebrating the diverse lifestyles and cultural heritage of the Island, Keirron is depicted fastening sea kayaks on the roof, and rock climbing at the Chasms.

Isle of Man Stamps featuring Keirron Tastagh

BBC Gimme a Break

Perks Family
Gimme a Break Series 3 - filmed in the Isle of Man (over a week) in July 2010.

Megan and Beth want to inject some fun into their holidays and stop their book-loving parents from always taking them to France. But will they be able to prevent Dad wandering off and Mum telling them to tidy up? At the end of the break the girls have to answer two out of three questions correctly in order to win a fantastic treat, but if they get them wrong, Mum and Dad will win the treat instead...

Sea kayaking and overnight camp with Keirron Tastagh and his team.

BBC Gimme a Break, Series 3 - Perks Family

Scotland crossing aged 12

Alice aged 12 and Katia aged 15 kayak to Scotland and back on 31st Aug 2011.

Completed in a single day (just over 9 hours on the water) prior to heading back to school, at the end of the summer holidays.

The teenagers used Sea Kayaking UK 'Triton' tandem kayaks, each with an experienced paddler in the back. The 42 mile return journey included watching sunrise from out at sea, pods of porpoise and a strenuous physical push in strong tidal flow to finish.

Alice aged 12 and Katia aged 15 kayak to Scotland and back on 31st Aug 2011

Junior Paddlesport - launched

Junior Paddlesport - Isle of Man official launch in January 2014 - following a successful pilot course.

A well attended 'come and try' session, then a pilot course in 2013, proved sufficient demand for a customised Junior Paddlesport skills development program.

Building on the established 'Adventure Club' adults skills program (which already delivered indoor kayaking at Western Swimming Pool) the junior program initially offered 5 stages, certificated by British Canoeing awards.

It enjoyed immediate success!

Junior Paddlesport official launch January 2014 - following successful pilot course

Visit Isle of Man - Sea Kayaking

Short film following Keirron Tastagh and daughter Alice, on a sea kayaking journey along the Isle of Man coastline.

A collaboration between Isle of Man Tourism and the Steam Packet Company, published 8th May 2015 by the Telegraph.

Voice-over by Keirron Tastagh, you'll need sound turned on : )

Short film following Keirron Tastagh and daughter Alice, on a sea kayaking journey along the Isle of Man coastline.

Beccy Meehan - BBC North West Tonight

Sea Kayaking and interview with Beccy Meehan - BBC North West Tonight, featuring the Isle of Man.

Broadcast evening 25th May 2016. That morning Beccy sea kayaked with Keirron Tastagh and team along the coastline finishing at the Sound (Southern tip of the Isle of Man).

Paddle with Beccy Meehan - BBC North West Tonight, featuring the Isle of Man

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace Garden Party 25th May 2017

Winner - IoM Awards for Excellence

Winner at the Isle of Man Awards for Excellence 2017 - Isle of Man Government 'Freedom to Flourish' Award.

Adventurous Experiences offers a simple explanation of what they do: 'We prepare people to make decisions.'

The company has developed world class professional risk management education through outdoor training and experiences in the Isle of Man. They offer a complete package; motivation, training, safety, knowledge, progression and reflection through outdoor activity.

The judges said: 'They have specialised in understanding risks and taking real risks, using them as a learning tool. Over 2,500 people take part in their quality outdoor activities each year and 60 local businesses use their programmes for staff rewards and team building.'

Winner - Freedom to Flourish Award

Adventure Club - Scotland and back

Adventure Club IoM kayak to Scotland... and paddled home the following day! Published in the Isle of Man Examiner 19th June 2018.

The mission by sea kayak took the team 5 hours on the way over, and seven and half on the return. They encountered dolphins, pods of porpoise, puffins, strong tides and spectacular shades of grey sea mist.

“To arrive on a beach, knowing it's all human energy that has carried you across the sea is a powerful feeling. We all worked hard through the crossings, which makes the sense of achievement of this team goal all the more sweet. A huge thanks to Keirron for the challenge, the training and the opportunity...what an amazing experience!”
Becky Crease

“As a Scotsman, I often travel back to my homeland. I’ve journeyed by aeroplane, ferry, car, train and bus but never by kayak. This was a unique and most memorable journey – a truly Adventurous Experience - and no travel ticket to buy.”
Gerry McGarvey

Nigel Dennis hand delivers NEW Junior fleet

'Nigel Dennis, world renowned sea kayaking leader and coach personally delivered the fleet of hand-built junior sea kayaks to the Isle of Man this week, just in time for 'Learn 2 Explore' sessions starting next weekend.' 14th June 2019

Nigel is the owner of Sea Kayaking UK (the North Wales company), where the kayaks are built to order, and sister company Celtic Paddles, which supplied bespoke carbon junior paddles as part of the order.

Nigel took a few days to paddle some of the Island's spectacular coastline, as in his words "he's never really explored the Isle of Man". His support of Adventurous Experiences and the annual Isle of Man Sea Kayak Festival each September means he's normally coaching throughout his time here.