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Wave forming over rocks (overfall) with kayaker, Isle of Man

Skills Development

'Coaching People, Changing Perspectives'

Skills are built more effectively with innovative professional coaching.
We believe in your capacity to grow, and we have the skills to help you develop. We provide regular relevant purposeful practice. We set tasks that stretch your current beliefs and 'limitations', and combine these with specific feedback based on our extensive coaching experience.

Junior Paddlesport Isle of Man - Innovative Coaching

Junior Paddlesport

Our Junior Paddlesport program aligns with British Canoeing certificated awards. These are delivered alongside physical literacy training and awarded, as part of the program, when skills are suitably demonstrated.

Indoor Paddlesport training runs September to March at Western Swimming Pool, Peel.

  • Safe – Fun – Learning
  • Skill acquisition through games, challenge and fun exercises
  • Guide age 8 – 15yrs.
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Junior Paddlesport program on the Isle of Man

Youth Scholarship

Our award winning Youth Development and Leadership training program; provides long-term adventure training and scholarships for young students from the island. This enables them to rise to be part of a team embarking on a once in a lifetime, shared experience.

A focal point of our long-term strategy is a major ongoing community project to raise the level of outdoor skills and safety on the Isle of Man. Elements of this are introduced and practiced through this program, which is delivered and funded by Adventurous Experiences.
Risk utilisation education is inherent in how we run our programs.

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Places are offered through the Junior Paddlesport program, to those who have already shown commitment, immense enthusiasm and have the dedication to complete the comprehensive training.

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Youth Scholarship team on Mount Tom Taylor 2014 Expedition

Adult Paddlesport

As an absolute beginner, or a paddler with some experience, learn to kayak in a friendly environment with our experienced coaching team. Our low coach to student ratio ensures optimum safety and learning, whilst allowing flexibility for different needs (and opportunity for fun).

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• Individualised learning in a supportive group environment.
• Progressive training courses, both indoors and on the sea.
• Options for further progression.

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Novice kayakers paddling coastline with transparent water, Isle of Man

Adventure Club

‘A network of like-minded people who want to regularly experience unforgettable adventures on (and off) the Isle of Man, under the guidance of our qualified, experienced coaches’

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Places are offered through the Adult Paddlesport program, for those who have the desire and enthusiasm to challenge themselves further.

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Isle of Man Adventure Club

Risk Utilisation Education


Unparalleled, shared experiences for work groups:

team building – problem solving – solution generation – communication – resilience – dynamic planning – nurturing leadership – building trust – enhancing motivation

Leadership Training
Challenging, unique courses with a fresh, outdoor theme, in the Isle of Man. We can devise outdoor simulations, coupled with review sessions that take aspects of your in-house programs and turn them into potent learning events.

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Coach Education & Leadership Training

British Canoeing Awards are delivered through our International Training Centre in the Isle of Man.

  • Sea Kayak Leader & Advanced Sea Kayak Leader
  • Sea Kayak Coach & Sea Kayak Coach (Advanced)
  • Personal Performance Awards

Scheduled on demand, please contact us for details.

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Private Courses

Typically multi-day bespoke skills development training, with highly experienced, local coaches. Either, purely sea kayaking or a mixture of different adventurous activities, based locally or off-Island.

Courses have included:
• Expedition planning, rough water handling and incident management
• Mini-expeditions with overnight camping
• Family multi-day experiences

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Group of sea kayakers at Sugarloaf Stack, Isle of Man