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Coasteering exploration with Adventurous Experiences, Isle of Man

the Smallprint

Managing Your Expectations (and ours)

We are committed to providing a personalised and friendly customer focused service. Our coaches are highly trained professionals who take your safety, enjoyment and learning needs seriously. We enjoy an excellent relationship with all participants, and strive to uphold this.

The following is the fair and straight forward system we operate, which we hope is common sense.

Age & Size Guidance

We are delighted to provide safe, fun, memorable adventures in the Isle of Man.

Age Guide

On Sea Kayaking experiences, juniors aged 12 – 14yrs are accompanied by a willing adult.

We do take juniors of younger ages on Gorge Scrambling and Coasteering experiences, where ranges in physical development in terms of size and strength can be catered for.

We recommend 10 yrs upwards to fully enjoy these experiences as part of a family group. Key considerations are a desire to enjoy the activity, and a keenness to participate : )

We do not offer age related guarantees.

Size Guide

Our largest Buoyancy Aid comfortably adjusts to 48 inches (122cm) around the middle.

Participants with a weight above 18 stone (115 kilos), are requested to discuss your needs with us, in advance of booking.

Junior student in cave on development training

Photo's & Video

Our priority is your safety, enjoyment and learning. This is the experience you have purchased : )

We enjoy taking pictures as well, (and showing others what we get up to), so we often post quality images online. Your patience is appreciated : )

Images from your activity that we choose to put online are yours to view and share, for FREE. We only ask that you credit us if using elsewhere.

We keep only quality pics, as blurry ones do not do the experience justice : ) Please understand that receiving images we take on experiences is not part of your contract with us.

Surfing down a wave with ginger hair

Cookies & Privacy

In order to make features of our website useful, and reliable, we sometimes need to place small amounts of information on your device, for example, computer or mobile phone. These include small files known as cookies. They cannot be used to identify you personally.

On a number of pages we embed media such as YouTube videos. The suppliers of these services may also set cookies on your device when you visit the pages where we have used this type of content. These are known as ‘third-party’ cookies.

Data Protection
Prior to partaking in activity with us. we request important personal information from you. This is part of our ongoing Risk Management, and we share this information within the coaching team only.

View Health Questionnaire (and Acknowledgment of Risk Statement)

When you sign up to receive our newsletter (which is sent periodically) your details remain confidential and you can opt out at any time.


Junior student in cave on development training

General Expectations

Our team work with consideration for the local environment, fauna and flora, which are wild. We require a flexible attitude and understanding to our decision making.
Observing wildlife is a privilege, there are no guarantees.

It may be necessary to change location or route, and in rare circumstances the date of your chosen activity in order to provide an experience suited to yours and your group’s needs.

If external factors, such as sea conditions, mean we are unable to provide a safe, enjoyable experience on the booked date, we will offer an alternative activity or date, or a full refund.

We require all participants to have an attitude and physical ability suited to the activity. Influence of alcohol, drugs or an unsafe attitude will result in cancellation of the your activity without refund.

A level of basic fitness to safely participate in adventure sports is expected. An hour of activity each day is a common gauge of basic fitness.

Sunset off St Patricks Isle, Peel, Isle of Man

Activity Duration

Adventurous Experiences will be at the activity location on time. As you may be part of a larger group, late arrival may result in missing the activity, and we will assume a short notice cancellation with no refund.

We provide a typical total session duration as guidance for each experience we deliver, from preparation and briefing ’til finishing at the location. As our experiences are tailored to the group, and the individuals within that group, actual activity duration will vary.

Customer feedback indicates our judgement in this area is reliable.

Atlantic Grey seal sunbathing on a rock, Isle of Man

Other Riveting Info

Making a Booking
Please make up your mind before booking. In order to make a booking with us, we require full payment. We both commit at this point.

Cancelling an Experience
If you are unable to participate in the activity you have booked, you have the option to find someone to take your place. If your place is not filled, a refund will not be offered.
If we cancel, we refund.

Group Bookings
Bookings of 4 or more people are specially priced with a specified maximum number of participants. The price may not be adjusted or refunds given if numbers reduce or individuals cancel who are part of a group booking.

Skills Development & Special Events
The booked activity is for the sole use of the participant/s booked. Regrettable, we are unable to refund cancellations. Discover courses with flexible dates must be used within a three month period from the booked start date.

Gift Certificates
Our gift certificates are valid for 12 months from purchase date. Scheduled experiences increase during the peak summer period when demand is high. You may redeem your gift certificate against any scheduled experience with places available.
We do not offer refunds for unused Gift Certificates.

Paddlesport skills development training in the Isle of Man

In Summary

We endeavour to treat everyone as individuals and therefore we reserve the right to refer customers to the Smallprint where necessary.

If you are unsure about any aspect of our policy, follow our simple rule: don’t take the piss.

Sea Kayaking through a sea archway, Isle of Man