Established Est. 2004

Woodland Classroom

A real environment where you can learn how to develop your own BOLD Perspective.

What is the Woodland Classroom?

The Woodland Classroom is a secluded area of mixed woodland. A unique outdoor space to enjoy learning in a natural environment, connect with other people and gain a healthy respect for nature (free from mobile phones).

Our cedar wood Cabin is set beneath the existing woodland canopy, surrounded by the beautiful apple orchard. A cosy indoor space with a Scandinavian style log burner and purpose-built kitchen.

The cabin provides options to spend a balance of time indoors and outdoors, in relation to individual needs and the weather conditions.
An opportunity to be completely off-grid.

Develop a BOLD Perspective

A BOLD Perspective is a way of looking at the things we do, and aspire to do. It is a literal definition that is personal to you. It is different for each of us…

The Woodland Classroom is the Island’s first BOLD centre.

By providing an environment where you can learn to utilise risks responsibly, by showing a pathway to achieving your own goals, and by progressively handing over responsibility to you for your own learning, opportunity for development is maximised.

Enjoy utilising risk, getting comfortable with challenge and navigating the unknown.

No mobile phones, no cameras, no exceptions : )

There is nothing more valuable to learning than honest experience.

Coaching People, Changing Perspectives

‘When coaching, the emphasis can often be on identifying things that are wrong and trying to correct it. A different approach is to concentrate on what worked well, and increase the likelihood of it happening again, and again…’ Jurg Gotz

  • Develop a new perspective to see the options
  • Make positive informed choices
  • Enhance (not replace) what already exists

Perspectives Change, People Develop